Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company Before the First Visit

On the back of your insurance card is a phone number for “Mental Health” or “Behavioral Health” Benefits.  Please call and ask the following questions:

  • Is Dr. Roginsky listed as a provider (“in-network”) under your insurance plan?  If not, does your plan offer “out of network” benefits?
  • Is “pre-authorization” required to obtain benefits?
  • If so, please ask for and bring the “authorization number” with you to the first appointment
  • Do you have a “deductible” that needs to be satisfied before insurance benefits begin?
  • If your deductible is satisfied, what is your “copay” for mental/behavioral health services?
  • Some plans require “reauthorization” by your psychologist after a certain number of visits-usually 10 to 20 visits. Please check to see if your plan has such a requirement.

New clients are requested to complete a comprehensive intake form that is very useful for treatment planning. Download and fill it out as best as you can and bring the completed form to your first appointment, along with any questions you may have. If you wish, you can wait until the first appointment to obtain and fill out the form.

Intake Form

Consent Form

Psychological Services Agreement